The Miami metropolitan area is the largest in the southeastern United States with a culturally diverse population of around 5.5 million residents, which includes the largest number of people from Hispanic/Latino descent in the state (approximately 2.1 million). The Miami Regional Operations Center (MROC) provides investigative services to aid in the prevention and resolution of crime to three urban counties, as well as Monroe County, one of the state’s most unique areas, which includes the Florida Keys and the Everglades. The region is an international tourist destination and offers high-end resorts, beautiful beaches and an active intracoastal waterway, shopping and night life. With one of the state’s busiest airports (Miami International Airport), two extremely busy cargo and cruise ship seaports (Port of Miami and Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale), and a large international business community, MROC is dedicated to crime prevention and public safety issues that compromise the health and safety of the community.
While investigative assistance to the region’s local / state law enforcement agencies and four judicial circuits covers a variety of criminal activity, MROC’s primary criminal investigations involve cases related to economic crime, violent crime, public integrity, cyber/high tech crime, domestic security, and intelligence.

Internship Responsibilities

An MROC internship will consist of duties such as observing search warrants, surveillance, an interrogative interview, an arrest, a court hearing, law enforcement training, U.S. or State attorney visits, an autopsy and other criminal justice duties. 

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