The Fort Myers Regional Operations Center (FMROC) provides investigative and forensic services in 10 surrounding counties that include largely agricultural inland counties and highly populated coastal communities. The Southwestern region of Florida is a popular destination for retirees and seasonal residents or “snowbirds”. The Southwest Florida International Airport (located in Fort Myers) serves over 7.5 million passengers and offers non-stop flights to Europe and Canada. Because of the fluctuating population of the area, FMROC is committed to the prevention and resolution of crime and responds to public safety issues that compromise the health and safety of the community.
While investigative assistance to the region’s local / state law enforcement agencies and three judicial circuits covers a variety of criminal activity, FMROC’s primary criminal investigations involve cases related to economic crime/fraud, organized theft, human trafficking, cyber/high tech crime, use of force and intelligence. In addition to investigative services, the FMROC crime laboratory provides forensic services to local law enforcement and state attorneys in the following forensic disciplines: Biology, Latent Prints, Chemistry, and Crime Scene.

Internship Responsibilities

An FMROC internship will consist of duties such as observing search warrants, surveillance, an interrogative interview, an arrest, a court hearing, law enforcement training, U.S. or State attorney visits, an autopsy and other criminal justice duties. 

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