JAG Funding Process

Once BJA releases the annual JAG program solicitation and funding allocations, OCJG prepares a comprehensive application and submits to the U.S. Department of Justice on behalf of the State of Florida. OCJG administers subawards in two cycles:

JAG-Countywide (JAGC)

The JAGC program represents approximately 60% of the total federal award and is subdivided into two parts: state share and local share. Local share projects are developed through a strategic planning process between county and municipal governments, as detailed in Chapter 11D-9, Florida Administrative Code, while State share projects are legislatively appropriated to specific state agencies.
Once OCJG receives Florida’s allocation, the local share is divided using a funding matrix, based on population and crime statistics, to determine the allocation for each of Florida’s 67 counties. Each county is then responsible for local strategic planning, designating a county coordinator and completing the 51% process to notify FDLE of the proposed projects. Projects may be administered by the county itself, or be passed to another local unit of government within that jurisdiction, such as a city or town.

JAG-Direct (JAGD) 

The JAGD program represents the remaining 40% of Florida’s total federal award. This portion is passed directly to units of local government who do not receive funds through the DOJ Local JAG Direct program. Awards under this program range from $1,000 to $10,000 based on crime statistics and population.