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Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding (CESF) Forms

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The following forms apply to the Cornoavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding (CESF) Program. 

FY20 CESF Local Residual Forms
FY20 CESF Standard Conditions
Residual Application Narrative Questionnaire
Residual Budget Detail Worksheet

FY20 CESF Forms
FY20 CESF Standard Conditions
Application Narrative Questionnaire

Budget Detail Worksheet

CESF General Forms
BJA CATEX Checklist (NEPA) 
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Online Portal

Lobbying, Suspension, Debarment, and Drug Free Workplace 
Sole Source Justification Approval Form 
Subaward Management Questionnaire (SMQ)
Subrecipient vs. Contractor Determination Checklist 
Suitability to Work and/or Interact with Minors Certification (SWIMC) (Revised September 8, 2021)
Suitability to Work and/or Interact with Minors Tracking Sheet (SWIMT) (Revised September 8, 2021)
Telecommunications and Video Surveillance Services or Equipment Certification (TVS)
Telecommunications FAQ
Third-Party Contract Compliance Checklist
UAS Requirements Checklist 

Tiered Subrecipients
The following forms apply to subrecipients who have entered into a pass-through entity/tiered subrecipient relationship with a third-party. Additional forms may be required based on the tiered subaward project. Please contact your OCJG grant manager with any questions regarding what additional forms may be required.

Third-Party Certificate of Subaward
Third-Party Subaward Compliance Checklist
Third-Party Subaward Risk Assessment 
Third-Party Monitoring Questionnaire 
Third-Party Subaward Certification of Audit Exemption