Cargo Theft

UCR Definition

Cargo Theft is the criminal taking of any cargo including, but not limited to, goods, chattels, money, or baggage that constitutes,in whole or in part, a commercial shipment of freight moving in commerce, from any pipeline system, railroad car, motortruck,or other vehicle, or from any tank or storage facility, station house, platform, or depot, or from any vessel or wharf, or from any aircraft, air terminal, airport, aircraft terminal or air navigation facility, or from any intermodal container, intermodal chassis, trailer, container freight station, warehouse, freight distribution facility, or freight consolidation facility. For purposes of this definition, cargo shall be deemed as moving in commerce at all points between the point of origin and the final destination,regardless of any temporary stop while awaiting transshipment or otherwise.

Florida began collecting reported Cargo Theft as part of the Uniform Crime Reports in 2012.

The UCR Manual contains more information about this definition.


In 2018 there were 72 reported incidents of cargo theft and 90 reported offenses that were related to these incidents of cargo theft. The total value stolen was $7,783,964.


UCR Incident Data

90 Cargo Theft Offenses in 2018

Source: Cargo Theft 2012-2018 (Excel)
2018 offenses per incident

Source: Cargo Theft 2012-2018 (Excel)
2018 Cargo Theft Offense Types

Source: Cargo Theft 2012-2018 (Excel File)
2018 Cargo Theft Property Value

Source: Cargo Theft 2012-2018 (Excel)

Historical Data - Trends

Cargo Theft Offense Trend

Source: Cargo Theft 2012-2018 (Excel)

Cargo Theft Incident and Stolen Value Trend

Source: Cargo Theft 2012-2018 (Excel)


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