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The Florida Uniform Crime Reports program defines Bribery as the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of anything of value (e.g., a bribery, gratuity, or kickback) to sway the judgment or action of a person in a position of trust and/or influence.

The UCR Manual contains more information about these definitions. 

Florida Statutes

63.212(1)(f) Civil acts and procedure.

104.061(1) Corruptly influencing voting.

104.061(2) Corruptly influencing voting.

104.062(2) Corruptly influencing voting.

104.071(1)(a) Remuneration by candidate for services, support, etc.

112.3217 Contingency fees.

255.518(8) Public lands and property.

287.055(6) Prohibition against contingent fees.

400.17 Bribes, kickbacks, certain solicitations prohibited.

467.201 Regulation of professions and occupations.

468.311(5) Regulation of professions and occupations.

478.53(4) Regulation of professions and occupations electrolysis.

628.255 Person with effective control cannot receive commission unless contract approved.

648.44(1)(e) Insurance.

648.44(1)(f) Insurance.

648.44(1)(g) Insurance.

648.44(1)(j) Insurance.

838.015 Commercial bribe receiving.

838.016 Unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior.

838.12 Bribery in athletic contests.

838.15 Commercial bribe receiving.

838.16 Commercial bribery.

877.01 Instigation of litigation.

914.14 Witnesses accepting bribes.


There were a total of 29 arrests for Bribery reported in 2018. Of these arrests, 0 were juvenile and 29 were adults.

UCR Arrest Data  Handcuffs

29 Arrests for Bribery in 2018

Source: 2018 Arrest Totals and Index Arrests by County (PDF | Excel)

11 male adults and 18 female adults arrested for Bribery in 2018

Source: Arrest Totals by Age and Sex, 2018 (PDF)

2018 Bribery Judicial Map
Source: 2018 Disaggregated Judicial Circuit Arrest Report (PDF | Excel)

To learn more about which counties are in what circuit,
please see the 
Florida Courts website.

Historical Data - Trends

Information about the different data sources found on our site.
Bribery Trend Graph
Source: Total Arrests by County, 1989-2018
Computerized Criminal History Arrest by Crime Type, 2000-2018 (Excel)

UCR books

Crime in Florida: Bribery Section
1988  1989

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