Eyewitness Guidelines

The Florida Department Of Law Enforcement, Florida Police Chiefs Association, and the Florida Sheriffs Association, in collaboration with the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association, have adopted Standards related to eyewitness identification, and have prepared an adjunct “Commentary” to those Standards. The Standards incorporate the five standards applicable for mandatory state accreditation by the Florida Commission on Law Enforcement Accreditation, Inc. as were adopted on February 3, 2011 as well as adding two additional standards. The Standards are designed to promote improved eyewitness identification efforts and procedures, while at the same time allowing law enforcement agency heads flexibility in crafting policies that best meet the needs of the agencies in relation to the expectations of the State Attorney’s offices that prosecute the agencies’ cases. The Standards and Commentary were revised June 15, 2011 to take into account comments and input received since they were first issued on March 1, 2011.

Florida Guidelines for Eyewitness Identification

Commentary and Instructional Suggestions for Eyewitness Identification