Stress Management in Law Enforcement

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute staff developed a course that can be taken via this website. The course is entitled “Stress Management in Law Enforcement” and was developed from a lesson plan written by Dr. Robert Woody, PhD, JD. The purpose of this course is to provide the criminal justice professional with ideas and a philosophy regarding personal stress management.

Certified officers may be awarded two hours of training that can be applied toward the 40 hour mandatory retraining requirement.

To successfully complete the training, each of the three modules below must be taken in sequence.

Module 1 Module 2 Module 3

Once you have completed this online course, print, sign, and date the quiz results page. You can then turn your quiz results page in to the person designated by your agency to enter records into the Automated Training Management System (ATMS) and a certificate can be provided to you by that designee.

Questions and concerns may be directed to the Bureau of Professional Development at (850) 410-7373