Online Officer Training and Mandatory Retraining Courses

The Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute, located within the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s (FDLE) Bureau of Professional Development has created professional, comprehensive, and interesting online training courses that satisfy the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission’s (CJSTC) mandate for officer re-certification. These courses include the four mandatory topics, Juvenile Sexual Offender Investigation, Discriminatory Profiling & Professional Traffic Stops/Human Diversity, Domestic Violence, Physiological Response Dynamics Training Video (however no training hours will be given for this course) and other courses of interest to law enforcement personnel. All training hours are free and eligible for use toward the CJSTC 40 hour mandatory retraining requirement.

Mandatory Retraining Topics:

Elective Training Courses:

Once you have completed an online course, print, sign, and date the quiz results page. You can then turn your quiz results page in to the person designated by your agency to enter records into the Automated Training Management System (ATMS) and a certificate can be provided to you by that designee.

ATMS USERS:  If you are designated by your agency to enter records into ATMS, you can use your ATMS login to access the FDLE Online Training Certificate System. Links to the instructions page and the online training certificate system are below:

Instructions Utilizing the FDLE Online Training Certificate System

FDLE Online Training Certificate System

NOTE: Credit toward Sheriff's Salary Supplement:

All training hours listed under "Elective Training Courses" that have not been used for Mandatory Retraining credit may be used toward Sheriff's Salary Supplement. Mandatory Retraining Topics may not be used for Sheriff's Salary Supplement. These online courses may not be repeated for salary supplement credit for a period of at least 3 years. Click here to view a PowerPoint presentation outlining the eligibility requirements to be awarded Sheriff's Salary Supplement.

Important: FDLE will not release course content to agencies. This policy is the result of several civil and legal considerations.

Questions and concerns may be directed to the Bureau of Professional Development at (850) 410-7373