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Florida's Annual Crime Clock - an at a glance look at the frequency of Index Crime reported.

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About the FSAC:

The Florida Statistical Analysis Center is housed, funded and administered by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement with partial funding from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice and support from the Justice Research and Statistics Association. The FSAC analyzes criminal justice data and prepares statistical reports for policy makers, planners, and program developers; and serves as a criminal justice resource for academicians, media, students, and others researching crime in Florida. FSAC reports cover a wide range of criminal justice issues and are available to the general public. Learn more about the FSAC and its activities here.

Uniform Crime Reports Program (UCR):

FDLE's Uniform Crime Report (UCR) system allows the UCR program to provide standardized reports on crime statistics based on data gathered from across the state. Reports that provide both summary and detail information are issued yearly, and are available here from 2000 to the most recently released reports.

Understanding Florida's UCR Data:

Click here for reliability and data collection methods. The UCR Report Forms are also available.


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