D.A.R.E. Forms

D.A.R.E. Application

D.A.R.E. Officer Schedule

D.A.R.E. Report 1 Statistics (Active DARE Officer Roster)

D.A.R.E. Report 2 Statistics (School and Student Numbers) 

Alcohol Testing Program Forms

Blood Analysts

ATP Form   4 - Application for Permit to Conduct Blood Alcohol Analysis, January 1997
ATP Form 11 - Certification of Blood Withdrawal, August 2001
ATP Form 15 - Blood Alcohol Analysis Affidavit

Course Instructors

ATP Form   8 - Breath Test Permit Application, October 2007
ATP Form 36 - Department Inspection Procedures, Intoxilyzer 8000, August 2005
ATP Form 37 - Operational Procedures, Intoxilyzer 8000, August 2005
ATP Form 38 - Breath Alcohol Test Affidavit, Intoxilyzer 8000, March 2004
ATP Form 39 - Agency Inspection Procedures, Intoxilyzer 8000, August 2005
ATP Form 40 - Agency Inspection Report, Intoxilyzer 8000, March 2004
ATP Form 41 - Department Inspection Report, Intoxilyzer 8000, August 2005

Mandated DUI Forms

Form PCA1 - Uniform Probable Cause Affidavit
Form AIR1 -  Uniform Alcohol Influence Report

Medical Examiner's Commission Forms

MEC Form 01 - Traffic Crash Statistics Reporting Form (DHSMV)
Associate Medical Examiner Appointment/Termination Form

Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute Forms

Florida Leadership Academy Instructor Application Form

Automated Training Management System (ATMS) User Account Application Form


Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission Approved Forms

Please click on PDF for a PDF document or DOC for a Microsoft Word Document that can be completed electronically

Employment, Registration and Separation Training Forms
CJSTC-16 Specialized Training Documentation  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-16A Specialized Training Documentation Supplemental  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-18 E-Learning Course Minimum Standards PDF DOC
CJSTC-24 Request for Program Approval - Local Dollar Expenditure  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-29 Criminal Justice Training School Certification and Re-certification Application  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-58 Authority for Release of Information (Background Investigation Waiver)  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-59 Officer Certification Application  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-60 Registration for Employment Affidavit of Compliance  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-61 Affidavit of Separation  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-61A Affidavit of Separation Supplement  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-62 Fingerprint Notification  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-63 Higher Education For Salary Incentive Report  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-65 Temporary Employment Authorization Statement  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-67 Training Report  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-67A Academy Physical Fitness Standards Report  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-68 Affidavit of Applicant  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-74 Mandatory Retraining Report  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-75 Physician's Assessment  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-75A Patient Information  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-75B Physical Fitness Assessment  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-76 Equivalency of Training  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-76A Equivalency of Training-Proficiency Demonstration  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-77 Employment Background Investigative Report  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-78 Internal Investigation Report  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-79 Name Change Application  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-86 Mandatory Firearms Training Report  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-86A Law Enforcement Officer Firearms Qualification Standard  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-86B Injury in the Line of Duty  PDF DOC

Radar Laser

CJSTC-10 Speed Measurement Device Instructor Field Evaluation  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-11 Speed Measurement Operator Performance Report  PDF  DOC

Instructor Certification and Canine Team

CJSTC-20 Canine Team Instructor Performance Evaluation PDF DOC
CJSTC-70 Patrol Canine Team Certification Application PDF  DOC
CJSTC-70A Canine Course Equivalency Checklist PDF DOC
CJSTC-71 Instructor Certification Application PDF  DOC
CJSTC-81 Instructor Competency Checklist  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-82 Instructor Exemption  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-83 Patrol Duty Canine Team Proficiency Examination  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-83 Pending Rule Promulgation PDF DOC
CJSTC-84 Instructor Compliance Application  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-85 Recommended Response to Resistance and Levels of Resistance  PDF  

Trust Fund

CJSTC-300 Officer Training Monies Semi-Annual Expenditure Report PDF  DOC
CJSTC-301 Officer Training Monies Year End Fiscal Report  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-302 Officer Training Monies Programmatic Change and Budget Amendment  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-310 Officer Training Monies Operating Budget   PDF  DOC
CJSTC-311 Operating Capital Outlay Property Disposal Request  PDF  DOC

Officer Certification Examination

CJSTC-502 Application for Individuals Requesting Special Test Accommodations  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-510 State Officer Certification Examination Grade Review Request  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-511 State Officer Certification Examination Review  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-516 Applicant State Officer Certification Examination Overall Test Results  PDF  

Field Specialist Audit Forms

CJSTC-200 Training School Contact Report  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-201 Firing Range Facility and Equipment Requirements  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-202 Driving Range Facility and Equipment Requirements  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-203 Defensive Tactics Facility and Equipment Requirements  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-204 Staffing Requirements  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-205 Training School Classroom Facility and Equipment Requirements  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-206 Non-Compliance Follow-up Report  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-207 Agency New Hire Report  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-208 First Aid Instructional Requirements  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-259 Officer Certification Deficiency Notification  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-270 Canine Team Certification Deficiency Notification Application  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-271 Instructor Certification Deficiency Notification  PDF  DOC

CMS Proficiency

CJSTC-4 CMS Firearms Performance Evaluation  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-5 CMS First Aid Performance Evaluation  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-6 CMS Defensive Tactics Performance Evaluation  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-7 CMS Vehicle Operations Performance Evaluation  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-13 CMS DUI Traffic Stops Performance Evaluation  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-14 Breath Testing Course Performance Report  PDF  DOC
CJSTC-17 Breath Test Instructor Performance Report  PDF DOC
CJSTC-19 Criminal Justice Diver Performance Evaluation PDF DOC

CJSTC-600 Firearms Proficiency Verification Card To request this form call 850-410-8600 and ask for the Records Section

Chapter 11C-4.009 Mandated DUI Arrest Forms
11C-4.009 Uniform Arrest Affidavits and Reports

Pursuant to section 943.05(2)(d), F.S., the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has promulgated rule 11C-4.009, F.A.C., which provides for a uniform probable cause affidavit and a uniform alcohol influence report to be used when making DUI arrests under section 316.193, F.S. 
Please note that you may continue to use other affidavits and reports and to include supplemental documentation. Although the statute mandates use of these forms, failure to use the uniform probable cause affidavit or the uniform alcohol influence report does not prohibit prosecution for a violation of section 316.193, F.S.

If you have any questions concerning the above rules or forms, you may contact the FDLE Alcohol Testing Program at
(850) 617-1290.

11C-4.009 Uniform Arrest Affidavits and Reports

(1) A Uniform Probable Cause Affidavit, FDLE Form PCA 1 - March 2004, is hereby incorporated by reference and adopted for use by all law enforcement agencies in the State of Florida when making DUI arrests pursuant to Section 316.193, F.S.

(2) A Uniform Alcohol Influence Report, FDLE Form AIR 1 - March 2004, is hereby incorporated by reference and adopted for use by all law enforcement agencies in the State of Florida when making DUI arrests pursuant to Section 316.193, F.S.

(3) This rule shall not preclude the use of other probable cause affidavits or alcohol influence reports, and law enforcement agencies are authorized to supplement the Uniform Probably Cause Affidavit or the Uniform Alcohol Influence Report with additional affidavits and reports.

(4) Failure to use the Uniform Probable Cause Affidavit or the Uniform Alcohol Influence Report shall not prohibit prosecution of a person arrested for a violation of Section 316.193, F.S., and shall have no effect on the legality or validity of such arrest.

(5) The above referenced forms may be obtained by contacting the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Alcohol Testing Program, P.O. Box 1489, Tallahassee, Florida 32302.

Specific Authority 943.05(2)(d) FS. Law Implemented 316.193, 943.05(2) FS. History- New 7-27-04.