State Officer Certification Exam


All individuals seeking Florida certification as a law enforcement, correctional, or correctional probation officer must first pass the State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE).

Prior to taking the SOCE individuals must first complete a basic recruit training program at a Commission-certified training school. Former Florida-certified, out-of-state, Federal, or military police officers may request an exemption from basic recruit training and must complete this process prior to taking the SOCE.

Under the provisions of Florida Statute 943.1397 individuals have three attempts to pass the SOCE.

The SOCE is administered each month at 3-4 locations around Florida.

2013 Officer Certification Examination Schedule

2014 Officer Certification Examination Schedule

The fee for taking the SOCE is $100. Applying for the SOCE may be accomplished via the online registration site using a debit or credit card

NOTICE - Should you elect to participate in any training described herein, please understand that you will be asked to provide your Social Security Number. The decision to provide your SSN is at your option, but failure to provide your SSN may result in a delay in processing your application or request. If you provide your SSN, FDLE will use it for purposes of identification, and may share the information with other agencies for the same purpose. FDLE's request for your SSN is authorized by state law because it is imperative for the performance of FDLE's duties and responsibilities pursuant to Section 119.071(5)(a)2.a.II, F.S.

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Applicants with Disabilities / Special Accommodations Manual (.pdf)

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Exam Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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CJSTC-502 Application for Individuals Requesting Special Testing Accommodations

CJSTC-510 State Officer Certification Examination Grade Review Request

CJSTC-511 State Officer Certification Examination Review

CJSTC-516 Applicant State Officer Certification Examination Overall Test Results



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Provides the statutory authority for the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, and the certification and regulation of criminal justice officers in the State of Florida.