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Compromised Identity Services

The FDLE has developed a program to assist with identity theft claims and those individuals who are concerned that their personal identifiers may have been used in an arrest record contained within the Florida Computerized Criminal History (CCH) files. Individuals can review their criminal history files by using the following methods:
  1. Request a public records check -- While there is a $24 fee associated with this process, fingerprints are not initially required and response is immediate (via Internet). This allows you to check any person's criminal record (family members, household workers, etc.).

  2. Initiate a compromised identity claim -- This service is only for individuals who believe they are victims of identity theft and/or have had their personal identification information stolen or misused in the past and believe that their information may have been used in a Florida criminal history file. To initiate this claim, the claimant must complete a Compromised Identity Review Claim Form, which includes a fingerprint card. The claimant must have his or her fingerprints taken directly on this Claim Form by a law enforcement agency. To insure the integrity of the fingerprints, the law enforcement agency will be asked to route the form to the FDLE at the address provided. The FDLE will only accept Claim Forms that are submitted by a law enforcement agency and in an official agency envelope (unless otherwise approved by the Compromised Identity Program Unit). The FDLE will compare personal identifiers and submitted fingerprints of the claimant against the identifiers and fingerprints contained in the Computerized Criminal History (CCH) files and the Biometric Identification System (BIS). If a fingerprint analysis verifies that the claimant's personal identifiers appear in another individual's arrest record contained in the Florida CCH files, the FDLE will then work with local law enforcement in an attempt to clear the fraudulent information from the CCH files. It is important to note that the FDLE, as Florida's central repository of criminal history information, only records and stores information provided by Florida criminal justice agencies. The FDLE may not remove arrest or demographic information contained in the CCH files without appropriate documentation from the submitting agency or at the direction of the court. Please be advised that some submitting agencies are reluctant to grant the FDLE permission to remove information from the CCH files.

    Once the review of your claim has been completed, the FDLE will provide a letter stating the results of your claim and may issue a certificate for verification of your identity.

Compromised identity claim forms should be submitted to:

Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Criminal History Record Maintenance - Compromised Identity
P.O. Box 1489
Tallahassee, FL 32302

There is no charge for this service. If you have additional questions, concerns or problems accessing or printing the Compromised Identity Claim Form, please e-mail us at CHRM@fdle.state.fl.us.

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