BusinesSafe is designed to aid businesses in protecting the safety and well-being of Florida’s residents and visitors from threats. BusinesSafe provides private sector partners with open source information, analysis and resources to help protect their businesses and communities.

By registering for alerts, I understand that this service is offered for informational purposes only, and does not constitute the giving of advice or a recommendation that any course of action be taken or not taken. I understand that FDLE assumes no liability for any action a business may take or refrain from taking based on this information, or the failure or omission to report, any other information in this manner. I understand that FDLE does not warrant this information to be complete, current or accurate and that this alert relays information obtained from public sources.

I understand that e-mail addresses and telephone numbers are public record under Florida law. FDLE will not publish this information but may be required to release it if a public records request is received.